Adobe Extension Manager Error Codes

Here is a list of Adobe Extension Manager (ExManCmd) error codes.

Professional Photoshop Scripting is released!

After 10 months since the launch of the Early Access Program, I am incredibly happy to announce that my book is now complete! Read the full report below.

Spectrum CSS Vue.js Component: DropDown

In a previous post I have introduced the recently open-sourced Spectrum CSS. Here, I’ll be demonstrating how to use them to build a simple Vue.js DropDown component

ESTK to be replaced by a Visual Studio Code plug-in

Please do yourself a favour and read this Medium post by Lead Technical Evangelist Ash Ryan Arnwine about the future of the ExtendScript ToolKit.

Adobe Spectrum CSS open-sourced!

In case you’ve missed the news, Adobe has open-sourced the Spectrum CSS – the stylesheets they’re using for Photoshop’s own CEP Panels 

Professional Photoshop Scripting EAP Update

I’ve added 60 pages to accommodate an amazing new chapter on Adobe Generator! The book is now 388 pages strong and packed with exclusive content found nowhere else.