Double USM v2 for Photoshop has been released!

A major reworking of my Sharpening extension for Photoshop has been released – I’m happy to introduce you to the new features. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – so a 720p video is… oh so much better! Enjoy the following weird, fun six minutes, that are everything you need to […]

HTML Panel Tips #23: JavascriptObfuscator API Gulp.js Plugin

When developing HTML Panels, I’m always quite fanatic about code privacy: for a variety of reasons, I don’t want users to peek into my files. Lately, I’ve found particularly effective the obfuscation provided by – which, surprisingly, works equally fine with both JavaScript and ExtendScript.

Their paid tier offers the possibility to access it through HTTP – a good candidate for Gulp automation. Since there’s no ready-made plugin available on the internet, I’ve ventured into building one; which I’m going to share with you in this post.

Vue.js – Nonlinear Sliders with Computed Properties

While working on the forthcoming version of my DoubleUSM script – which I’m porting to HTML Panels – I’ve run into the following problem: how do you fit a large range (say, 1..500, with floating point precision) into a Slider which has, at best, less than 200 possible, real slots? Nonlinear sliders and VueJS Computed Properties are the answer, read along.

I’m authoring a new Course! And it’ll be on… Photoshop Scripting

You might have noticed that updates on my blog are getting a bit sparse: no worries, I’m up and running as usual. Actually I’m busy as hell – which is quite ironic, since I’d aim for a simple(r) life.

But anyway: one year ago I started writing my Photoshop HTML Panels Development course, which I’ve successfully published in late March 2016. I’m now back at my desk, working on a very similar project, and targeting no less than… Photoshop Scripting.

Arrivederci, Fotografia Reflex

Ieri mattina, 29 settembre, mi trovavo a Milano. Avevo appena concluso una riunione presso EIZO quando il telefono ha suonato: era Luca Forti, editore assieme al padre Giulio della rivista Fotografia Reflex con la quale ho collaborato per più di tre anni. Luca mi chiamava per informarmi che la rivista avrebbe chiuso. Avevo già scritto il mio … Continua la lettura di Arrivederci, Fotografia Reflex

Aggiungere l’inverso

In questo articolo esamineremo una tecnica veloce ed efficace per scurire il cielo. L’effetto si può ottenere in diversi modi, ma questo è particolare perché si basa su una proprietà apparentemente banale che lega un’immagine al proprio negativo. Per capire di cosa si tratta, torniamo a un modello già esaminato. Siamo all’interno di una sala dotata … Continua la lettura di Aggiungere l’inverso